Life is Magic Death is Magic

Like many, I had written about death in school & always heard about so and so's grandma dying during middle and elementary school. But I never thought it was something that would affect me. That's for someone else. But it did. Three close deaths in one year. Uncle, unexpected heart attack in September- bam. Grandmother in January- whack. Uncle, way too young dies in May- no words for that. No denying death now. Trust me, I tried.

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Aaron Pea
Face Your Fears ~ Venture Workshop, NM

How many times are we in a situation where our gut says, “pick up the guy on the side of the street”, “thank the cashier who is working her tail off”, “thank some military for their service”, “take this next step in your journey” or “participate in this lip sync”. Call it your whisper, your gut, your calling, your legend its always talking to us. I’ve learned you have to listen or the whisper gets more and more quiet.

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